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Needed Adjustments.

If you follow my personal Instagram account (@xo_xiara), then you'll note my recent Xi's Vulnerable Moment. When I started this blog a few months back, I told myself that I would be more transparent when it came to expressing my feelings and current emotional state. I've realized that I wasn't the only one feeling certain emotions; others were going through similar situations and felt similar feelings as well. So I've made it my mission to share when I wasn't feeling like my normal self in order to help others, especially myself, get through the not so good days. It's time that we learn how to readjust ourselves.

So in this blog post I'll share something that's extremely personal to me: an entry from my journal. I'll share how it's been difficult for me to adjust to my current circumstances and how I've had to completely change my mindset. Please excuse any typos or incorrect grammar and punctuation lol. Often times when I am writing, my mind is going faster than my words on paper.

Last week, I wasn’t okay. I wasn’t feeling like myself at all. Everything started hitting me at once and I began to fall into these periods of sadness and uncertainty that I just couldn’t shake. I felt as if I was defeated. A lot of things were going great and then they were suddenly taken away.

Again, that week was tough, but this past week was much better because I implemented a new routine and changed my overall mindset. I no longer stayed in bed while scrolling through social media for hours - instead I would wake up and immediately pray and meditate. I haven't written in my journal in so long - now I do a mini check-in every other day. I stopped exercising - if the weather permits, I walk for at least 25 mins everyday to get some fresh air into my lungs. I've been real lazy when it came to my graduate thesis for school - now I challenge myself to read a new research article relating to my project every night in order to expand my knowledge and stay up-to-date on my subject. And these are just a few changes that I've made.

It's okay to have an off week. It happens. I just want to encourage everyone that you have the power to change your circumstances. You have the ability to change whatever is in your control which definitely includes your mindset. If things aren't going how you've planned, learn how to adjust yourself to make a new plan that fits you and your present needs. Don't focus on what has happened; focus on how can you move accordingly. Life will alway throw hurdles and obstacles at us but it's up to us as to how we can move forward. If you haven't been feeling like yourself lately, I challenge you to change your routine. Add beneficial activities to your everyday routine so that you can continue to be the best version of yourself! Although it seems as if normal is now nonexistent, make yourself a new normal.

XO, Xiara.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9 (one of my fave scriptures!)

Xi's Takeaway Essentials:

  • Don't allow minor or major inconveniences dictate your life.

  • Learn how to readjust yourself to changing times.

  • Create a routine that fits your needs.

  • Express your emotions in a healthy way; keeping them inside won't help.