Meet Xiara


Hi, friends! I'm Xiara, but everyone calls me Xi (Z). 

Being happy all the time is hard. Being the "strong" friend of the group 24/7 is even harder. And fearlessly living every single day like it's your last can be the toughest. These are just a few of my constant daily battles that I endure. But lately I've been utilizing remedies or what I like to call "Xi's Essentials" to defeat my hardships and live a better, healthier lifestyle. Let's dive in...  

For those who know me, I am a very optimistic and hopeful person; I try my best to always look at the positive attributes of any situation and/or life. Now this may sound cheesy but this mindset has definitely helped me through a number of situations in my life. No matter what I am faced with, I would continuously tell myself, "Okay, it could've been worse. So lets remain positive." But don't get me wrong! There were definitely times where thinking of the positives and my cheerful quote didn't seem like the best option to me. Like many, I've struggled in dealing with things that life has thrown at me such as failing a class; being dumped; living up to my family's expectations; losing friends; post-graduation life; but most of all, I've struggled with accepting things that are out of my control. Relatable right? Although I've been through what seemed like "trying times", in the end, I always made it out or my situation ALWAYS got better. I've learned that although life can often be uncontrollable, there are some things that we can control such as our attitude and actions. "Xi's Essentials" blog will serve as a beneficial tool to help you navigate through trying times. I want to encourage others that you can in fact be happy, strong, and live fearlessly every single day.  So I pray that this blog will serve as an opportunity for me to be transparent with myself as well as an opportunity  to uplift those who are struggling with seeing the positives in life. 

I am a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana where I studied biology with a minor in chemistry. As a STEM advocate, I love science and conducting research! Currently, I reside in Houston, Texas where I am a pursuing a graduate degree in environmental toxicology. Beginning my adult life here in Houston has been the BIGGEST trial of my life thus far. But through prayer and positivity, you better believe that I am/will make it. I've got the essentials, so feel free to read and comment. I'd love to hear about your personal essentials as well!