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Don't Cancel 2020.

Learning to speak positivity into your life even during a storm.

Throughout the past few weeks we have literally endured a pandemic that has and will continue to alter our lives for the next coming months. Schools have closed, restaurants have shut down, weddings have postponed, and even the unimaginable act of students not being able to walk across their graduation stage, has occurred. In all of this I can completely see why anyone would want to cancel the year 2020! But I want to encourage you, my dear friends, to hold on, remain steadfast and believe that better is coming.

This is too much.

Whew! Please wake me up when all of this madness is over. I am not going to lie to you; when CNN along with other news outlets did a broadcast warning Americans to prepare for a major disturbance within our daily lives, I did not take them seriously. I did not believe that schools amongst other entities would actually close. I was not prepared at all for this significant inconvenience and I am sure that many of you did not expect this either. But here we are. So far, I have been trying my best to not complain though. Sometimes I would make a negative comment about having to stay indoors as well as having to cancel upcoming plans but I continuously try to tell myself that other people have actual real things to complain or be upset about. I truly sympathize with those whom have had to cancel graduations, weddings, as well as worry about their finances due to this virus. Canceling 2020 sounds like a plan, I think?


To the soon-to-be graduates, first and foremost congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. I connected with this group the most because I, myself am a recent college grad and I could not even imagine having a special moment as such suddenly taken away from me. Although, I did not literally go through this exact situation, I sincerely understand your pain. I understand your confusion and frustration. I also understand any negative thoughts that you may currently be feeling. But I want you to know that this moment does not define you or diminish your hard work in any way. Having your graduation ceremony cancelled does not mean that you will not earn your degree or that you do not deserve your degree. You deserve to be happy and to celebrate your tremendous achievement! And a celebration should occur, indeed. Do not allow these current circumstances to crush your spirits and feel as though there will not be a graduation. I truly pray that your family and friends will celebrate you in their own unique way. If not, then let's throw you a party! Send me an invite; I will celebrate you myself (no, seriously. I got you lol.). As for my dear little sister Ayanna, just know that as soon as you finish your last online course this semester, we are celebrating you for the rest of 2020! I am sooooo incredibly proud of you sis! Remain diligent, strong, and know that you are loved. We will honor you.

To the students who will miss their first or last prom, I am so sorry that you won't be able to have that moment. I really hope that school administrators along with the parents are working hard to possibly have your prom at a later date. A summer prom might be the move. You deserve to wear your pretty dress or stylish tuxedo and enjoy a night that you will never forget. But do not allow the thought of missing your prom deter you. There will be other opportunities in your lifetime where you will be able to dress up and dance the night away.

To the recently unemployed, my heart truly goes out to you. Worrying about your funds is never an enjoyable nor easy task. Especially if you have a family or loved one to care for. Again, my heart goes out to you. But I want to encourage you that better is coming. Have faith that God will provide for you and your family. Have faith that this will soon past and that another job (in fact, a better job!) is on the way. Let's speak increased finances into our lives! Also, be sure to check out the U.S. Department of Labor Coronavirus Resources page where you can find info regarding unemployment insurance flexibilities and more. Additionally, The Guardian recently posted an article detailing U.S. employment benefits and payment options. Hope this helps.

To those whom are afraid of losing their income, don't fret. Believe that you will be okay and continue doing the best that you can. I myself am a bit worried about my income due to the fact that I am employed by my university and with my school being on the verge of closing, a little anxiety is starting to form. But I will continue to remain with hope and a positive attitude that everything will work out. And I believe the same for you; everything will work out for you in your favor. Do not allow anxiety to overtake your body.

To the soon-to-be brides and grooms, I am seriously upset for you all. This may seem girly, but I dream of my wedding day practically every day. I already have most of my wedding details planned out; from the colors, to the bridal party, number of guests, engagements party ideas, bachelorette party, you name it! To have a day that you have been thoroughly planning for suddenly gone, is disheartening. But the good news for anyone in this predicament, you can still have your special day but just at a later date. I am praying for peace over anyone having to postpone their wedding day due to this pandemic because I can only imagine that this may not be an easy process. I speak peace over you and your significant other.

Lastly, to the ones where your mental health is in its most fragile state, take all the time you need to better yourself. I know that with everything changing at a fast pace and having to make accommodations to this temporary situation, it can be a lot on a person. Not to mention, the media has not helped due to their role in increasing fear to the public. If this relates to you, try to limit your access to social media and other news outlets. Remember to schedule moments in your day where you can isolate yourself and do some type of mental health activity. Grab a coloring book, take a nap, walk in the park, listen to your favorite album, write in your journal, etc. Do anything that will strengthen your mental state. I would also like to note that mental health counseling is available online if you or someone you know needs it.

Better is coming.

To all of these groups and anyone else who is struggling with something, again I truly understand what you may be feeling at this moment. Do not belittle your feelings. You are allowed to cry; you are allowed to feel angry; and you are allowed to feel however you want. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. But remember to not allow your current circumstances to defeat you. It is only the beginning of 2020; we cannot allow this situation to cause us to be negative towards the remainder of the year. I would like to stress that we should be mindful of the words that we speak out of our mouth. Our words can hold significant weight on our future. If we speak negativity into our life, it will produce unfortunate events. Speaking things into existence is such a powerful tool. Therefore, we must be optimistic. Please be optimistic that 2020 will get better. 2020 is still your year! God is not finished with us yet because there is still more in store for us.

Let us also remember to show gratitude towards the healthcare professionals, teachers, truck drivers, grocery store employees, and all those whom are on the frontlines of this global pandemic. We must continue to keep them in prayer as well as manifest good things into our lives and speak positive affirmations to ourselves every day. Check out one of my favorite manifestation platforms known as Idillionaire to bring a bit of positivity into your space. Stay safe, friends!

XO, Xiara.

"Even during these uncertain times, one thing remains true... God is good!" -Dr. Natalie King

Xi's Takeaway Essentials:

  • Participate in daily mental health activities

  • Have a conversation with God and believe that better is coming

  • Check on your loved ones and friends

  • Continue to wash your hands and practice social distancing